Too political? – The Israeli ESC texts will be revised


Israeli public broadcaster Kan has agreed to rework the lyrics for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The post had previously been criticized for being too political. The new issue will be announced next Sunday, March 10.

According to the station, the lyricists of the song “October Rain” in first place and those of the song “Dance Forever” in second place are in contact. They must rewrite the texts with respect for their artistic freedom. Kan then selects “the song that will be submitted to the Eurovision Control Committee”.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog called for “necessary adjustments” so that the event could be attended safely. “Especially at a time when those who hate us are trying to suppress and boycott the State of Israel, one must raise one’s voice loud and clear in every world forum,” Herzog said.

Text referred to the victims of the Hamas attack
The originally submitted lyrics of “October Rain” would have been interpreted as “too political” from a rules perspective and could therefore have been disqualified, it was said (see video above). The song, sung largely in English with some Hebrew words, refers to the victims of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

By the end of February, Kan had stated that he had “no intention” of “replacing the song.” However, discussions were held with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which sets the rules for the ESC. “If a song is deemed unacceptable for any reason, broadcasters have the option to submit a new song or lyrics in accordance with the rules of the competition,” the EBU said.

Some had called for Israel to be excluded from this year’s competition because of the war in the Gaza Strip. However, this was rejected on the grounds that neither government would compete with each other.

Here you see a photo of the singer Eden Golan.

Singer has been confirmed
The singer for the song has already been chosen, Eden Golan (20). The ESC is scheduled from May 7 to 11 in Malmö, Sweden. The organization of the event is always controversial, because in the past, for example, contributions were allowed despite clear political statements.

Source: Krone


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