A man was stuck upside down in a carcass container for two hours


An Upper Austrian found himself in a particularly difficult situation when he wanted to throw away leftover meat in a carcass container in Gaspoltshofen. The man fell headfirst into the container and was trapped for two hours before a truck driver found and freed him.

A truck driver only saw the man’s legs sticking out of the container. He described what crossed his mind at the sight to ORF Upper Austria with the following words: “I think someone threw away a body there.” The accident victim was able to be pulled out of the container with combined forces.

Truck driver helped him
The man could not extricate himself from the situation; his cell phone was on top of the container. Only the truck driver saved him. He informed his family and together they pulled the man out of the square opening. The incident probably happened almost two weeks ago.

Hood fell into container
According to the radio report, the hood fell in when the man threw the remaining meat into the empty container. When he tried to get it out, he fell headfirst into the container and got stuck. For a long time, no one noticed the accident because it happened on a weekday when the waste collection point was not open, they said.

Source: Krone


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