Investigation underway – Suspicion of espionage: Poland dismisses Eurocorps general


The government in Warsaw has recalled the Polish commander of the Eurocorps. He is being investigated for espionage.

As the Ministry of Defense announced in Warsaw on Wednesday, the services have launched a “monitoring investigation” into General Jaroslaw Gromadzinski’s access to classified information “following new information about the officer.” Gromadzinski only took over the leadership of the Eurocorps in June 2023.

Rapid deployment force for NATO and EU
Established in 1992 at the initiative of Germany and France, the Eurocorps is a rapidly deployable force available to NATO and the EU. Its main task is to manage and coordinate major international military operations. The Eurocorps can command up to 60,000 soldiers; the headquarters in Strasbourg consists of a staff with support units of around a thousand employees.

Member of Poland since 2022
The troops come from many European countries. The ‘framework countries’ are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and, since 2022, Poland. Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Austria are involved as so-called associated countries.

Source: Krone


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