Minsk’s influence? – Poland: Again more migrants at the border with Belarus


Polish border guards have noticed a growing number of attempted illegal border crossings at the border with Belarus in recent weeks. This weekend alone there were 669 such attempts, as the authority announced on X on Monday.

A spokeswoman told the PAP news agency that there had been about 3,200 attempted border crossings so far in April, and 6,500 since the start of the year.

Also this weekend, border guards reportedly arrested 10 smugglers traveling with a total of more than 20 migrants. According to previous information from its spokeswoman, the Polish Border Guard counts as cases of attempted unauthorized border crossing in which migrants have overcome the fence or a border river and are encountered by the border guards on Polish territory. However, as the border fence is also located on Polish territory, cases where the migrants were spotted directly at the fence but failed to overcome the barrier are also counted as “attempts to cross the border”.

5.5 meter high fencing with surveillance system
In the summer of 2022, Poland secured its border with Belarus with a 5.5-meter-high fence and an electronic surveillance system. In the late summer and autumn of 2021, the situation there escalated: thousands of people tried to enter the EU illegally. The European Union accuses Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko of organizing migrants from crisis areas to the EU’s external border to put pressure on the West.

Source: Krone


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