Social fraud in Euskadi of more than a million euros


Social fraud in Euskadi of more than a million euros

The National Police has dismantled a plot that allegedly created 62 false identities to collect government aid for rental housing (PCV) and basic income (RGI).

Euskaraz irakurri: 23 pertsona atxilotu dituzte laguntza sozialetan milioi bat euro baino gehiagoko iruzurra egitea egotzita

The National Police has arrested 23 people in Biscay in an operation against document forgery plot to collect the Complementary Rent Allowance (PCV) and the Income Guarantee Income (RGI), which he managed to embezzle more than a million euros in government aid.

As reported by the Delegation of the Spanish Government in the Basque Country, the investigation, conducted by agents of Group I of UCRIF, of the Provincial Immigration and Border Brigade of Bilbao, began six months ago when the immigration agents learned that a man was using other people to illegally collect aid from the Basque Employment Service (Lanbide). To do this they helped fake medical certificates from Osakidetza Yes registrations in different municipalities.

After the investigation, the agents discovered that the ‘modus operandi’ of the alleged ideologue part of the scam involved creating false identities — he managed to come up with 62 — by using other people to collect public aid for people and families without adequate resources. According to the researchers’ calculations, each fired person earned an average of 857 euros per month (625 euros for the RGI and 250 euros for the housing allowance), estimating the scam at a total of 1,091,416 euros.

Led by this frontrunner “and from a highly differentiated background”, one of the members of the network was tasked with physically present at the Lanbide offices with forged passports to register the fictitious person by impersonating her and performing the necessary procedures. Meanwhile, others are committed to rent and register houses to the alleged people in the houses.

To reach your goal, forged passports and registration certificatesso that they could prove that a person had been registered in the Basque Country for three years, a necessary condition to be able to receive the aid, and thus to collect from the first moment they created the false identity.

In order not to be discovered, the alleged leader instructed the rest of the members of the criminal network to make requests for help in various municipalities of Bizkaia, such as Durango, Santurzi, Berriz, Iurreta, Basauri, Getxoetc. In addition, in order to avoid the State aid being suspended because the applicant did not physically appear at the Office’s offices, they falsified medical reports and certificates of completion of training.

In addition to the arrests, searches were carried out in homes they seized 22 fake passports16 bank books with false identities, 17 credit cards, nine mobile phones, an external hard drive and various documentation related to Lanbide.

After making a statement at the headquarters of the National Police in Bilbao, they remained freedom with costs Bilbao’s Court of Instruction No. 10 has presided over the case.

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Source: EITB


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