“Pretty simple” – Weapons ban zone: from fines to prison sentences


Fights and stabbings: acts of violence at Reumannplatz in Vienna became increasingly common. On March 30, a gun ban went into effect at the hotspot in the 10th district. Lawyer Sascha Flatz explains when there is a risk of fines and when there is even a prison sentence.

Shockingly often, the scenes that ultimately ended in the Viennese court took place on Reumannplatz. Lawyer Sascha Flatz knows from personal experience: “There have been numerous physical altercations in the past, especially between young people who attacked each other – even with serious injuries.”

The weapons ban, which has been in effect since the end of March, is intended to counter this. Anyone carrying a pocket knife, club, etc. in the prohibited zone risks a hefty administrative fine of several thousand euros. In extreme cases even imprisonment.

You can see the background and explanation in the video above!

Source: Krone


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