Two emergency helicopters – five children are injured in a horror accident


Six rescue cars, two helicopters, an additional emergency doctor and a general practitioner – and according to the first information, eight injured people, including five children: this is the devastating result of a serious traffic accident on Saturday afternoon on the Oberinnviertel federal road between Mattighofen and Wagenham in Upper Austria.

The rescue team was deployed with many emergency services: two rescue helicopters, six ambulances, an emergency doctor from Braunau and a general practitioner were called to the scene of the accident on the Oberinnviertel federal road between Mattighofen and Wagenham shortly before 4 p.m. Three fire brigades were also alerted.

Two seriously injured
Unfortunately, the large contingent of rescuers was actually needed on site. The Red Cross initially reported two seriously injured children. A total of eight patients, including a small child, were taken to hospitals by helicopter, ambulance and ambulance, divided between hospitals in Braunau and Salzburg.

Rain-wet road
It is not yet clear how the accident, which involved three cars, could have happened. What is clear is that it happened on a wet, slightly sloping road. The Oberinnviertel federal road was completely closed during the operation.

Source: Krone


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