Putin compares himself to the Russian tsar


Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has once again substantiated his distorted historical views, equating the Russian invasion of Ukraine with Tsar Peter I’s Great Northern War. Putin spoke of a “return campaign from Russian soil”.

Peter did not conquer the area around the current metropolis of St. Petersburg from the Swedes, but on the contrary won it back. According to the Interfax news agency, Putin drew parallels with the war in Ukraine: “Apparently, our destiny is also: to bring them back and strengthen them.”

June 9 was the 350th birthday of Tsar Peter the Great, who was the first Russian Tsar to give himself the title “Imperator” and who secured access to the Baltic Sea with conquests in Northern Russia – as a so-called window on Europe.

Almost nothing has changed since then, Putin claimed in a conversation with young entrepreneurs ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Even then, no European state recognized the area as Russian. “In addition to the Finno-Ugric tribes, Slavs have lived there for centuries,” said the Kremlin chief.

Putin once again justified the war against Ukraine with the repression of the Russian-speaking population in the country. On the other hand, he also denied Ukraine basic right to exist and claimed ownership of large areas of land that had been “historically” under Russian rule.

Source: Krone


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