Musk, Bezos and Co. – The (extraordinary) hobbies of the tech magnates


Musk, Bezos and Co.  – The (extraordinary) hobbies of the tech magnates

They run billion-dollar companies, but what do Apple boss Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos or Tesla, SpaceX and X boss Elon Musk actually do in their spare time? Krone+ about the hobbies of tech magnates.

Elon Musk
The richest among the tech heavyweights is Elon Musk. With an estimated fortune of $195 billion, he currently ranks number two on Forbes’ list of super-rich, behind Frenchman Bernard Arnault ($233 billion) and, albeit only just, ahead of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ($194 billion). .

But what does the 52-year-old actually do when he’s not opening a Tesla factory somewhere, flying into space with SpaceX or making an average of 29 more, sometimes less profound, comments – the most recent example: “A teleportation time machine would be so helpful” – per day on X/Twitter? The answer is surprising and relatively mundane.

Source: Krone


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