Ukraine’s lawsuit – Human Rights Court condemns Crimean regime


Ukraine’s lawsuit – Human Rights Court condemns Crimean regime

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has condemned Russia for systematic human rights violations in Crimea. The judges ruled on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by Ukraine.

However, the neighboring country does not recognize the rulings of the human rights court. The Ukrainian government has emphasized in its lawsuit that Russian authorities have repeatedly violated human rights since February 2014. The peninsula was annexed in violation of international law and has since been occupied by Russia.

Activists prosecuted
The decision was not about the annexation itself, but about Russia’s subsequent behavior. The plaintiff reports, among other things, unlawful arrests, assault, the suppression of Ukrainian media and the Ukrainian language in schools. In addition, the Russian government persecuted pro-Ukrainian activists not only in Crimea, but throughout Ukraine and Russia.

Expelled from the Council of Europe
However, the Kremlin has long ago announced that it will no longer recognize the rulings of the Court of Human Rights. The country was expelled from the Council of Europe due to the war against Ukraine and is therefore no longer a member of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Court, in turn, ensures that this treaty is respected. Decisions can only be made on incidents that occurred before the exclusion.

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