Drama on the highway – truck driver dies on the emergency lane


Drama on the highway – truck driver dies on the emergency lane

A tragic incident occurred on the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley motorway on Monday morning. Police found the motionless body of a 40-year-old Ukrainian in a truck parked on the hard shoulder – all help came too late for the man.

During an inspection tour, a highway patrol near Dornbirn discovered that the truck with a trailer was parked on an emergency lane early in the morning; upon investigation, the officers saw the driver sitting motionless in front of the steering wheel.

No sign of life
Through a half-open window they were able to gain access to the driver’s cabin. After the man showed no signs of life, the police immediately started resuscitation measures. These were then continued by the emergency doctor who quickly arrived on the scene – but unfortunately without success.

Further investigation revealed that the dead man was a 40-year-old Ukrainian. There is no evidence of foul play; police are treating it as a medical emergency. An autopsy has been ordered.

Source: Krone


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