Federal and state governments agree – “Kamp Merkur” in Bruckneudorf will not be occupied


There was great excitement that the former “Merkur camp” in Bruckneudorf would be reactivated and that about 200 refugees would be accommodated. Now the “Kamp Merkur”, as it is popularly called, is apparently off the table for the time being. They say they would like to stick to the “Burgenland way”.

The rumor that refugees would move into the area where the military was housed until the end of March spurred both the community and the state into action. Above all, it was said that there were no Ukrainian displaced persons, but refugees from Syria and Co. should settle there.

“There’s no denying the willingness to help”
Now mayor Gerhard Dreiszker was able to provide all the clarity at the city council meeting. He also stressed that the past two weeks have been challenging for him in view of the imminent reopening of “Kamp Merkur”. “Our willingness to help is indisputable, but taking in refugees or people displaced by war in camps on the edge of a military training area is not the way of humanity in Burgenland,” says Dreiszker.

He was therefore in constant contact with Governor Hans Peter Doskozil. “In talks, he has now managed to convince those responsible of our approach: the camp will not be put back into use.” In Bruckneudorf, as in the rest of Burgenland, the “path of the small units” must be maintained. “The only way to help displaced people and gain acceptance among the population can be to house families in small units,” Dreiszker says. The governor’s office also says, “We agree with the federal government that the camp will not be reoccupied.” This is confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior: “It is currently not necessary to use it”, it says.

Source: Krone


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