“Political Islam”: – scientific annual report published


700,000 Muslims live in Austria. Representatives of a wide variety of currents try to influence them. Meanwhile, the documentation center “Political Islam” has published its first annual report for 2020/21. The different religious structures and their influence on our society were examined in more detail.

We are eagerly awaiting the first annual report published on Friday by the ‘Political Islam’ documentation centre. Various institutions and associations operating under the guise of religion are scientifically analyzed. Radical nationalism, anti-Semitism and support for violence often hide among the ideologies that are adhered to.

The various actors already have a strong influence in Austria and maintain close ties with foreign groups, ideologies and political decision-makers.

Hate preachers and Nazi literature
These in turn try to influence the Muslims who live here. Attempts are often made to separate the Muslim part from the rest of the population. For example, two imams who appeared at a mosque in Vienna-Alsergrund at irregular intervals for more than a year as hate preachers during Friday prayers attracted attention. “If you have a conflict among yourself, you should not call the police, even if the policeman is a Muslim, because working for the infidels is not okay,” was one of the statements.

After talks with the Islamic faith community, the duo could no longer be seen in the building of the former Afro-Asian Institute.

Nazi literature in Turkish
Books from a Viennese bookshop are also questionable: in addition to well-known classics such as works by Hasan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) or Sayyid Qutb (influential theorist of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood), there is Nazi literature in Turkish.

There is, among others, a book by the French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy entitled “Israel Myths and Terror” or a cover by Joseph Goebbels with a swastika. The contents are an uncommented selection of his speeches and writings. The owner of the publishing house is an official of the Islamic Saadet party.

Source: Krone


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