Minister under pressure – “Why are you idly watching the suffering of animals?”


As a newly established Tierskanal proves, animal welfare in our country is not exactly rosy. A summit that has now been convened turns out to be a purely political spectacle. “What is Rauch waiting for,” says animal expert Maggy Entenfellner of “Krone” dismayed.

After the recent horrific animal torture scandal at a “pig factory” in Korneuburg (Lower Austria), where even the official veterinarian who intervened was horrified at the sight of rotting and mutilated sows, the responsible Green Minister Johannes Rauch is coming under increasing pressure. !

Top pure political show?
Insiders have criticized his summit, which took place this Friday, with the trade to brand the form of ranching as “purely a political show for self-portrait”. Because Spar, Rewe, Hofer and Lidl have wanted this for a long time!

“What is Rauch waiting for?”
“Animal welfare is the way forward with our farmer suppliers. To ensure that our customers can make their own decisions, we are absolutely committed to labelling,” say Spar board members Fritz Poppmeier and Markus Kaser unequivocally.

Maggie Entenfellner, head of animal welfare at “Krone” outraged: “What is Rauch waiting for? It is in his hands to stop the animal suffering. Why does he allow so long unemployed?”

Source: Krone


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