Summer wave rolls – Corona: soon million infected people in Vienna


The increasing number of infections speaks for itself: Corona does not allow us a summer break! More beds will become available for Covid patients in hospitals. But there are (for now) no new measures.

Now they are ubiquitous again, the corona patients in the family and circle of acquaintances. All those who were spared in the spring of Omikron are now particularly affected. On Friday, there were almost 9,000 infected people throughout Austria. With 2,858 new positive cases, most new infections were in the federal capital. At the start of the week, Vienna now had a total of more than 940,000 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic, so it is expected to exceed the million by July. In terms of seven-day incidence, Vienna is currently third in Austria after Eisenstadt and Mödling with 805 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

City councilor Ulli Sima also became ill from Corona
The summer wave is rolling and has arrived again in the Vienna City Council. Transport councilor Ulli Sima (SPÖ) was also arrested this week. Nevertheless, there are currently no concrete announcements that the Covid measures will be tightened again. Given the increasing number of infections, the organizers of the Danube Island Festival have asked visitors to be tested in advance.

However, no test was required to be presented. There is also no mask requirement, although wearing a face mask is recommended. If the crowd is too dense, it’s almost inevitable there. In a few days you will see to what extent the largest open-air festival in Europe will translate into the number of infections.

Hospitals already feel the rising numbers “clearly”
The Vienna Health Association, which is responsible for the hospitals, is always prepared for the rising numbers. You can already feel the increasing numbers clearly, as stated on a “Krone” request. Due to increasing numbers, more and more beds must become available for Covid 19 patients. “The roadmap, which has guided us reliably over the past pandemic years, will continue to do so successfully,” the health association says optimistically.

The office of Alderman for Public Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) is not surprised by the currently rising numbers. One assumes a summer wave that will not be unimportant. But as always, everything is subject to a certain amount of uncertainty. Due to the increasing dominance of the new virus variants, an accelerated dynamic can be assumed.

Source: Krone


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