Found in a ditch – Duo became a lifesaver for a fallen e-biker


Found in a ditch – Duo became a lifesaver for a fallen e-biker

Esther Tanaskovic (31) and Thomas Haslinger (39) were on their way to Offensee (Upper Austria) after a mountain hike on the Rinnerkogel (2012 meters) to cool off. In a ditch next to the forest road they suddenly saw an elderly man lying injured in the blazing heat.

“He was bleeding and his leg was trapped in his e-bike,” says Tanaskovic, who immediately took care of the pensioner. Rupert O., 68, was extremely weak and in severe shock. “He could only speak very softly and was in a lot of pain,” said the 31-year-old.

According to his statements, the man lay helpless in the ditch for half an hour and was unable to free himself from his backpack due to his injuries. “We were in the right place at the right time, just 20 minutes later other passers-by passed by.” Tanaskovic dabbed O.’s blood and calmed him, while Haslinger hurried to Offensee because there was no cell phone reception at the accident site.

Emergency helicopter in use
“I raised the alarm there,” says Haslinger, who unlocked a barrier on the forest trail so emergency services could drive to the injured person. In addition to the Red Cross, mountain rescuers and the police, a team from the emergency doctor helicopter “Martin 3” was also alerted and provided first aid. Rupert O. was then taken by ambulance to the Bad Ischl clinic.

It is still unclear why he fell with the e-bike. “We hope he recovers quickly!” the rescuers said.

Source: Krone


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