Former top British official accuses Johnson of lying in latest sexual harassment case


Downing Street denies the Prime Minister was aware of the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by the Tory MP and then Secretary of State, Chris Pincher, in 2019

Lord Simon McDonald, a respected veteran of the British government, has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his spokesmen in Downing Street of spreading false and inaccurate information about the latest sexual harassment scandal within the government and the Conservative Party.

The former permanent secretary of the State Department reveals in a letter published Tuesday that Johnson was personally informed of an internal investigation into allegations of a sexual nature conducted in the summer of 2019 against the Tory MP and then the Secretary of State. State Department, Chris Pincher.

Downing Street has denied for the past five days that the prime minister was aware of “specific allegations” about Pincher’s erratic behavior, whom he promoted last February as deputy head of discipline for the parliamentary faction. “Downing Street’s original statement is not true and the amendment remains incorrect,” argues the most prominent of the latest wave of British senior officials.

Lord McDonald forwarded the letter to the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner, who is investigating complaints made last week against Pincher for alleged sexual harassment of two individuals at Carlton’s private club. Since then, more allegations have emerged of possible victims of the now-humiliated deputy and Johnson’s ability to lead the country is once again questioned.

Source: La Verdad


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