Police looking for perpetrators – man kicks garbage can and then witnesses


The man appears to have an anger problem. In Linz, a stranger had first kicked some garbage cans, then attacked a man who had spoken to him.

The serious physical injury occurred in the vicinity of Bürgerstrasse around 1.30 am on Saturday. A previously unknown man kicked several trash cans. When a 55-year-old from Linz spoke to him about it, the stranger suddenly kicked him. The man from Linz was injured and was lying on the ground when the police patrol arrived.

The police are looking for the perpetrator
Witnesses stated that the man looked like this: 180 cm tall, dark hair that may be curled, dark/brown skin, red and black checked shirt. The unknown fled in the direction of Langgasse / Seilerstätte.

Information is received at the police station Bürgerstraße on 059133/9210.

Source: Krone


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