Mercedes Vitoria management and unions will resume negotiations this Tuesday


Management, which suspended talks last Thursday, has abandoned the imposition of a new six-night shift and is coming to the negotiating table with a new proposal. ELA, LAB and ESK are currently maintaining the shutdowns.

The address of the factory Mercedes in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the business committee will resume negotiations on the new collective labor agreement at 9.30 am on Tuesday.

The meeting will take place after several days strike and after the company submitted its proposal to new six night shifta measure rejected by all unions.

The direction he suspended negotiations last Thursday and assured that he would not sit down with the staff representatives as the strikes and demonstrations continue.

labor unions UGT, CCOO, Ekintza and PIM called off the strike last week, with the intention of “facilitating dialogue”.

ELA, LAB and ESKfor their part, maintain the planned strikes for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, pending which proposal the company will submit at Tuesday’s meeting.

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Source: EITB


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