After another protest – Russian journalist Ovsiannikova arrested


After a second protest against the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, TV journalist Marina Owsiannikova has been temporarily arrested. On her Telegram channel, photos were posted on Sunday showing police officers taking her in a minibus. On Monday evening, the Moscow civil rights portal “OVD-Info” announced that she was free again, citing her lawyer.

According to “OVD-Info”, Marina Ovsiannikova was released from the police station, but has to answer to court. During the recent hearing of opposition leader Ilya Yashin in the Moscow court, she is said to have “discredited” the armed forces. Owsiannikova had said the “criminals” responsible for the invasion of Ukraine would one day be brought before a tribunal.

Putin is a murderer
On Friday, Ovsiannikova also posted photos of herself in view of the Kremlin with a protest poster. “Putin is a murderer,” the poster said, and “His soldiers are fascists.” 352 children have already been murdered in Ukraine. “How many children have to die before you stop?” It was unclear when the photos were taken and how long Owsiannikova had stood on the banks of the Moskva River. Usually, the Russian police stopped such protests within minutes.

The Russian state television employee became world famous in March when she held a protest poster against the war in the camera during a live broadcast. It said, “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. You’re being lied to here.” The editor, who was previously considered loyal to the Kremlin, received worldwide recognition for this. They were fined in Russia. After the action, she lived abroad for a while and reported for the German newspaper “Welt”.

Source: Krone


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