Secret Service sure: – Kremlin gave more responsibility to Wagner mercenaries


British intelligence is certain that Russia has given the Wagner mercenary the responsibility of some parts of the front in eastern Ukraine. That could be a sign that Moscow would be missing its own soldiers. Until now, the Wagner mercenaries were mainly involved in operations that differed from the open, large-scale activities of the Russian army.

The new move is a significant change from previous missions since 2015, the Ministry of Defense in London quoted the daily report from British military intelligence as saying. According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, Russia is currently failing in many areas in its war against Ukraine. Therefore, Russian President Vladimir Putin could try to change his strategy again. “Putin’s plans A, B and C have failed and he may be looking at plan D,” Wallace said.

Probably not a big difference in the price
So far, neither the Russian government nor the organization itself has confirmed that this will put more responsibility for the Wagner mercenaries. The Wagner group has been deployed in Syria, Armenia and African countries such as Mali in the past. It has been on the US sanctions list against Russian companies and individuals since 2017 and on an EU sanctions list since December 2021. She is accused of serious human rights violations. The British secret service estimates that the deployment at the front in eastern Ukraine will probably not make a significant difference in the course of the war. The number of forces is not sufficient for this.

Russian troops moved south
Russian troops would have moved south again, Kiev said on Wednesday. There, the 49th Army is said to be standing on the western bank of the Dnieper River in Kherson and vulnerable after Ukrainian forces destroyed several strategically important bridges. In this way, it was allegedly hampered the supply of the army, but at the same time that of the Ukrainian population in the occupied territory. The Ukrainian army is currently targeting its counter-offensive in Kherson and a neighboring city.

In the Donetsk region, 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war are said to have recently died as a result of artillery fire from Kiev troops. According to a representative of the separatist leadership, these are Ukrainian soldiers who fell into the hands of troops loyal to Moscow during the capture of the port city of Mariupol.

Source: Krone


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