The number of patients in the ICU with Covid falls to November levels and the health organization has killed 206 since Friday.


Patients in the ICU with COVID continue the downward trend, and this Tuesday they number 400. This is the lowest rate since mid-November, when they were 427. The rest hospitalized with coronavirus is 4291, with an occupancy rate. 3.46%.

The health organization registered 27,079 new infections this Tuesday, bringing the total number of those infected since the start of the pandemic to 11,578,653. Among the most recent positive topics are the community of Valencia, which added 4,360 after Friday, Catalonia, which added 3,456, and Castilla and Leონიn, another 2,814.

For its part, the death toll from March 2020 has risen to 102,747, of which 150 have occurred in the last week. 206 people were killed after Friday.

For its part, the incidence of coronavirus in people over the age of 60 is declining, reaching 426.15 cases per 100,000 population this Tuesday. The data for this Friday was 459.27 points. A new data-sharing healthcare regime has since been introduced, under which disease surveillance is now focused on “more vulnerable” people. The change joins those that have already taken place and for which daily updates of infections and deaths or information on accumulated cases have been stopped, which started two days a week.

Communities are expected to ease the use of masks indoors, according to criteria by experts on warning and preparedness and response plans who believe it should not be removed before Easter and not in all spaces.

A few of them said this the day before a meeting of the Territorial Council of the National Health System in Toledo, which, as Castilian-La Mancha President Emiliano Garcia-Page said last week, could address “what will be the new regulation around the mask”, although the issue is not clear. Is on the agenda.

Source: El Diario


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