“Next Generation” – Biontech Brings Two Omikron Vaccines Simultaneously


The main advantage of the so-called mRNA vaccines has always been emphasized: how quickly they can be adapted to new virus variants. To date, however, no modified vaccine has been approved in this country. But they have already been developed: The manufacturer Biontech has now announced that they have two vaccines ready – they should be available from October.

The company announced Monday that the vaccine could be delivered as early as October 2022, subject to approval. It was originally planned that approval for a modified vaccine would be granted as early as April, but so far the modified active ingredients are still on hold.

Next Generation Vaccine
A reliable vaccine is needed as soon as possible, especially for the expected waves of infection in the cold months. Biontech boss Ugur Sahin was already optimistic about this: “Our Covid-19 product pipeline includes both variant-adapted vaccine candidates and next-generation vaccine candidates that aim for longer and broader protection,” Sahin said.

For one of the two boosters – a combination of the existing vaccine Comirnaty with a vaccine candidate that targets the spike protein of the omicron variant BA.1 – Biontech/Pfizer recently completed the application for a marketing authorization in marketing completed at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) ). The doses of this vaccine have been available since March/April.

Different strategy in the US
However, approval for this booster is not planned in the US. Based on recommendations from the US health authority FDA, the companies there are focusing on a booster that, in addition to the wild type of the virus, targets the prevailing variants BA.4/5 and that a clinical trial is due to start this month.

The first doses could also be delivered from October and approval is also planned in the EU.

Source: Krone


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