Gardening in the cemetery – Vegetable garden costs the same as a grave


At the Matzleinsdorf Evangelical Cemetery in Vienna-Favoriten, you can now view the radishes from below and from above – macabre to say the least. There, abandoned graves were converted into vegetable beds.

The cemetery has a total of 8,600 graves, about 20 of which were innovatively laid out by cemetery manager Walter Pois. Instead of flowers, chili peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, etc. are now rooted here.

The price for this? A grave rent. Which can sometimes be quite generous. The fee depends on the type of grave and the location. Those locations that are not in the immediate vicinity of the entrance are cheaper. However, in gardening, there is no such thing as a ten-year commitment. 75 euros per year is due.

Source: Krone


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