Factory in Belgium – After finding salmonella: chocolate factory opens again


Production at the chocolate factory in Belgium had to be shut down for weeks because of salmonella. Now work is partially resumed at the factory of chocolatier Barry Callebaut. The group announced that three of the 24 production lines at the Wieze factory had been restarted and that the first delivery had taken place.

Cleaning and disinfecting production facilities “takes a lot of time,” says a spokesperson for the world’s largest chocolate maker. More production lines will be put back into operation in the coming weeks.

All production stopped at the end of June
Salmonella was discovered in the Wieze factory at the end of June. Barry Callebaut immediately closed the factory and informed his customers. Lecithin was identified as the source of the contamination. This substance makes chocolate more durable and shinier and is used throughout production. As a precaution, all production lines were shut down, the manufacturer said at the time.

In addition, all products manufactured since the time of the tests have been blocked. Most of the potentially affected goods had not yet been delivered, a company spokesperson said.

The company produces chocolate, as well as cocoa products, fillings, glazes and decorations for industrial and commercial customers such as Mondelez, Nestlé and Unilever.

Source: Krone


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