Mitxel Lakuntza, general secretary of ELA, in the meeting to address the uncertainty


The general secretary of the union, Mitxel Lakuntza, demands, among other things, a minimum salary of 1,381 euros, wage increases based on the CPI, consolidation of government functions or an increase in the number of inspectors.

The general secretary of ELA, Mitxel Lakuntza, has confirmed that the union will not conclude a lease “to make working people poorer”. Likewise, he defended guaranteeing a salary increase “in accordance with the CPI”.

The union has held a rally at the La Casilla pavilion in Bilbao, where more than 3,000 people have gathered to fight against uncertainty, and staged a demonstration through the streets of Bilbao to the Confebask headquarters under the motto No more precarious work!

During the event, the general secretary, Mitxel Lakuntza, emphasized that the situation of these 541,000 precarious workers in Euskadi and Navarra cannot be “normalised”.

For this reason he has asked for a minimum salary of 1381 euros pay increases based on the CPIthe employee consolidation public, increase in the number of inspectorssubrogation for subcontractors, as well as the publication of energy companies.

The general secretary has stated that job insecurity is a “social problem for all” and has indicated that the measures announced by the institutions are “not enough” to tackle inflation and “much less to curb precarious insecurity”.

In this sense, he has indicated that “ELA is not in no rental agreement to impoverish the working class”, as such an agreement aims “not to raise wages”, referring to the left’s propensity for an eventual rent pact.

Source: EITB


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