Plus of 31 percent – eggs for Easter are more expensive in Europe than last year


Inflation doesn’t stop at eggs either. In Austria, prices rose by 16.5 percent compared to last year. On average, inflation in the EU was almost twice as high at over 31 percent.

Only in Cyprus (+13.5 percent) and Luxembourg (+16.4 percent) did egg prices rise less than in Austria and Germany (+16.6 percent). On the other hand, the price increase was particularly high in the Czech Republic (almost 100 percent), Hungary (79.2 percent) and Slovakia (78.8 percent).

Food price inflation is lower than eggs
The price of food was on average 19.5 percent in the EU and therefore lower than that of eggs. Germany was the only EU country where food prices rose more than eggs compared to the same month last year.

“Whether brightly painted, hidden or for Easter breakfast: eggs simply belong to Easter. This year, when shopping for the holidays, people are looking at egg prices more than ever,” said the employees of the Federal Bureau of Statistics. According to a survey by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, 74 percent want to buy Easter gifts and spend about 50 euros on them. These are mainly sweets such as chocolate bunnies, (painted) Easter eggs and toys.

Source: Krone


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