New Start in Klagenfurt – Buy Back Solution! The call option at the airport is used


The emergency landing for the investment company Lilihill at Klagenfurt airport has begun. Governor Peter Kaiser and the SPÖ also voted for the so-called call option.

The call option at Klagenfurt airport, which the ÖVP has been asking for for months, is withdrawn. In the third attempt at the government meeting on Monday, Governor Peter Kaiser and the SPÖ also agreed that the state would release the €3.24 million if the airport was bought back.

In 2018, 74.9 percent of the airport was sold to private owner Franz Peter Orasch and the Lilihill Group.

Two weeks ago, the public sector had already taken over most of the airport with 58.2 percent through a capital increase of 3.7 million euros. Now Lilihill has to leave the airport adventure behind.

Most recently, the airport remained below 100,000 passengers per year, which was the limit on the ability to use the call option. Now it is used.

The city of Klagenfurt still has to agree in a city council meeting. Then the airport is 80 percent owned by K-BV and 20 percent owned by the city.

Lilihill wanted to expand the airport by a billion euros in 2019, but nothing happened. The plans for the Liliair from Klagenfurt also came to nothing. In May, the old management did not even pay the salaries to the 130 employees.

A general meeting of the airport company must now be held as soon as possible. From July 1, a new general manager must initiate a steep flight at the airport. He must be very busy. The economy and tourism want and need the airport.

Lilihill protests that the courts have a lot of work to do in the coming years.

Source: Krone


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