‘La mujer rey’ and ‘Hasta los huesos’, two premieres in the antipodes


Despite the World Cup and how entertaining we are with the law of yes it was only a condition if, theaters insist on bringing us more and more interesting movies

The former isn’t for all audiences or all tastes, but it’s the best, even if it won’t cause an earthquake at the box office. ‘Hasta los huesos’ is a brutal crime story. The murderous adventures of two beautiful young people, an adolescent Hannibal Lecter, who follow a satanic path like that of Javier Bardem from ‘No Country for Old Men’.

Only a director like the sensitive Luca Guadagnino, the one from ‘Call me by your name’ (2017), is able to show us this misguided journey through hell without arousing more disgust than is essential, nor more contempt than necessary is for protagonists as damned as underdogs (they could very well become FIFA president). It helps for that, and a lot, in addition to his stark and beautiful photography, the presence of that piece of imbecile, but piece of actor, who is Thimothée Chalamet. A film that rises to a higher level than its proto-predecessor ‘Born Assassins’ (1994). In her, love is not beneficial and the attraction to the dark side is stronger than that of Jupiter with its moons. It doesn’t get round because it’s too full of itself.

We also have one of old fashioned adventures on the menu, only this time the owner of the plot isn’t a white man (things from more resilient, feminine and inclusive times) but a black woman, specifically the wonderful Viola Davis, who she is the commander of an army of Amazons in Africa a few centuries ago, who have become the best defenders of her kingdom.

Quality action, without great pretensions, with the good acting performances of its actresses as an ally and a too thin script as an enemy. With that they fuse together an entertaining film, a sub-Saharan ‘300’ (2006) that perfectly complements ‘Black Panther: Wakanda forever’.

The new film by director Cesc Gay is polyphonic, funny, cross-border and sarcastic. A choral cast including Javier Cámara, Alejandra Jiménez, Maribel Verdú, Antonio de la Torre, Anna Castillo and José Coronado. There are five stories about the lies we tell (and tell ourselves), embarrassing moments that we don’t want anyone to know but that define us, and that sometimes confuse us more in life than a Costa Rican player. These not very exemplary shorts do not leave the human condition very well, so it is highly recommended.

Bruce Willis has retired from acting, but some of his latest work still reaches us (given the quality they bring, I’d say the last twitches). In ‘Detective Knight: No Mercy’ he makes the same film he has been repeating for thirty years. Rough but effective cop, at the age when they are usually retired, who gets involved in solving a robbery, dishing out more shots and punches than justice, of course. If you want to have a good memory of Willis, don’t go there.

‘Close’ is the most beautiful film of the autumn. A beautiful friendship story of two boys entering puberty. Brilliant visuals and meticulously crafted performances introduce us to a world of obvious affection, hidden love and school gossip. Practically told in the first person, the director, Lukas Dhont, manages to see everything through the eyes of one of the boys, offering an innocent and amazing perspective.

Walt Disney brings us a little product that will die on his platform without getting the media attention they had before (each choosing how to commit suicide). ‘Strange World’ is an animated adventure in which a family of explorers must launch themselves to discover new planets by joining forces. The good work of its cartoonists isn’t enough to save a new Disney movie that’s becoming more and more like the Disney series, nor is it a compliment.

Off camera it has been announced that the hosts of the most boring night of the year (the Goyas) will be the actors Antonio de la Torre and Clara Lago. I feel sorry for them, they will fail like almost everyone else in the impossible mission that the Spanish film awards are not group therapy for insomnia.

Have a movie week.

Source: La Verdad


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