“If you’re happy, the viewer will also notice it through the screen”


With a jackpot of 600,000 euros, the highest in the history of the program, Telecinco is celebrating this afternoon the first hundred episodes of ’25 words’, the competition it broadcasts every day at 7 p.m. Presented by Christian Gálvez (Móstoles, Madrid, aged 42), the format has been gaining the trust of the public since its premiere, with an average audience share of 9.2% and 843,000 viewers. -Finding a place in the afternoon slot is not easy. -Those of us who make the kind of television we like to do are privileged. What is the easy strip? There are none. The most important thing is that there is trust in the chain and in the production company (Fenix ​​Media). Little by little we are making a hole for ourselves, which I hope will continue to grow. Personally, I am satisfied and happy, because on a personal level I started this program at the best time, something that did not happen with ‘Alta tensión’. -How has this good personal moment at work conditioned you? -In having enthusiasm for the things one does. If you are happy, the viewer will also notice it on the screen. I really like the competition I do because I do culture and entertainment, which is what I’m most passionate about. -In ’25 words’ you are also part of the executive production, is there more responsibility? -It is true that as a presenter I do what I want and I have a team that supports me. In the production company, we have a very horizontal hierarchy compared to my partners, Rafa Guardiola and Olga Flórez. We have been working together for a long time and no decisions or criteria are imposed from the point of view of the administration of the program. Just as they give me the freedom to do what I want in front of the camera, I also give them the freedom to make more relevant decisions for the program. – Did you think you would reach the goal of a hundred daily programs? -There have been programs in which I trusted more and there were others in which I trusted less. It’s a totally subjective view. In other stages on television, they didn’t let you sit still, they needed short-term results. We’re in a pretty good place right now and it takes patience to consolidate. A program does not succeed or fail overnight. You need to cook it on low heat. ’25 words’ “I really like it because I do culture and entertainment, which is what I’m most passionate about” -At Telecinco, they now have more patience to market their products than before. -They are stages. The rules a year ago were one way and now they are another. They were never bad, they are different and logically there are other types of needs. Should the rules change again, we will adapt to the changes and try to do our best. Both the group management and the production company are very happy with ’25 words’. -What memory do you fondly keep of ’25 words’? – Laughter moments I have every day. There are people on social networks who harass them. I apologize for laughing… I really enjoy my job. For me, the best moment in this race was the day we started because there is a lot of work behind it and uncertainty. I always remember the first and last days of the programs I present. -Twitter came out scared. -I did it for mental health. I’m not going back, what for? There are many people who use social networking as therapy and I think they are wrong. They become antisocial networks. I stuck with Instagram and I use it very occasionally. I have to take care of myself, my family and friends. The rest is an exhibition. It is true that ’25 words’ works very well on social networks, but it is to the credit of the team that generates community and content. I think I arrived late. -How do you rate the trust that Mediaset places in you? He just signed his extension on a long-term contract. It’s cool that they keep trusting you. Paolo Vasile (former CEO of Mediaset) trusted me a lot and now Alessandro Salem has arrived and it continues. It’s a great gift because when the board of directors changes, you never know if you’re the profile they like. ‘Pasapalabra’ «It was a loss that I was able to say goodbye to. I preferred to stay with Mediaset» -Rafa Castaño recently hit the jackpot in ‘Pasapalabra’. He started taking part in the competition on stage to which you introduced him. Can you congratulate yourself on the award? -I sent him a message. You have to be professional, but above all you have to be a good person. I also congratulated Roberto Leal at the time and now Rafa, who has done well. We live in the world and I can’t deny it. There are many people I adore. When I went to Seville, Rafa also introduced me to my books and I am very happy for him. -With the perspective of time, how do you now assess the ‘shock’ caused by the loss of ‘Pasapalabra’ on Telecinco? It was a loss I could say goodbye to. I preferred to stay with Mediaset. There’s a line Risto Mejide says that I love: ‘to grow or mature is to learn to say goodbye’. Television has taught me to say goodbye to professionals, good friends or competitions. I’ve presented programs that I had a lot of faith in that didn’t come through. It’s the law of television. But I think loyalty prevails and Mediaset was loyal. I am where I want to be. And I had no doubts about it.
Source: La Verdad


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