You never have to watch a Nicolas Cage movie, do you?


ECB rate hike, petrol for three euros a litre, Russia wins the war, inflation at 8%, wages stagnating, Algeria and Morocco are hitting their noses, ‘Survivors’ who don’t finish, Bertín Osborne’s tour. What else can happen to us? Well, it happened to us: Nicolas Cage (a meme turned actor) is premiering a movie.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage (this is only manageable if he coincided with another titan? of acting like John Travolta in that monster dubbed ‘Face to face’ in 1997). ‘The unbearable weight of enormous talent’ is perfectly described by the second word of the title.

Behind the mask of a transgressive and demystifying comedy that twists and reinterprets Hollywood stereotypes about fading stars and pointless action movies, in reality lies just another Cage mistake. Here Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew (sometimes genetics plays these dirty tricks), plays himself as a famous actor who has gone to hell and has to go back to the BBC circuit (weddings, christenings and communions) to get some money. But when he goes to a drug trafficker’s birthday party, he gets into a mess, from which, of course, all he can do is shoot. I suppose if there is justice in the world it will suffer the same fate as another movie that comes to mind where reality and cinema collided, ‘The Last Great Hero’ (1993), another bad joke from a bad humorist .

‘We will not kill each other with pistols’ has the vocation of a generational portrait of today’s Spanish thirty-somethings. Young adults who are not aware that they are already young adults. By becoming the victim themselves, with the permanent complaint in their mouths about their bad luck and an awake conscience, they are not good meat for parody, too self-conscious. Nothing to do with the short and mustachioed Spaniards of the Spanish Landistas.

A group of these specimens are summoned to eat rice on a hot summer’s day, with Ingrid García Jonsson playing the alleged leader who after many years tries to rediscover her friends, although in reality she tries to regain her lost youth. The setting is like that of the city festivities in the fun ‘Cousins’ (2011) but with the slight transcendence of the astonishing ‘Little unimportant lies’ (2010). Marta Ripoll directs without finding the rhythm and fails to make her trailer at least appealing, and I like movies that make us dream that San Juan nights are still magical.

Taking advantage of our kids’ summer and vacations, Pixar returns to the fray, but not to reinvent itself or reboot its vast talent and get out of its comfort zone they’ve been feeling so comfortable in lately, but to make a prequel to the wonderful ‘Toy story’ with one of its two protagonists, Buzz Lightyear.

Here we are told, with his usual visual virtuosity (if I’m talking about that and not the originality of the plot, guess), the birth of that hero and the space adventures he led that made him worthy of being in the elite corps of Andy’s favorite toy. A sight to behold and a very worthy job were it not for the fact that we always expect more from the production company that redefined the terms of animated film, Pixar. My advice is that whether you go to the cinema or not, you see the best of all, that masterpiece called ‘Toy story 3’.

Goodness has a new version in ever-guilty France, and lately they’ve been committed to filming it in their cinema as if to brush away an indelible stain, like the one from “The Canterville Ghost.” In ‘The kitchen brigade’ she is a cook with a lot of smoke and little humor, who only finds a job in the canteen of a shelter for minors. You already know what’s happening. From misunderstanding and antipathy people move on to empathy and social decompression. The boys work with her, she gives them a future, and everyone is happy and they ate partridges.

The highlight of the week is the amazing fact that just two titles captured 87% of the box office in Spanish cinemas last weekend. You don’t have to be very smart to know what they are. And it’s that the military fighters and the revived dinosaurs are unbeatable in their own right, but it also helps that no one presented them the battle with a powerful feature film. Someone is already wondering if there is no hope left for the cinema in which it does not consume popcorn. May you have a week and a night of San Juan (I remind you it’s the one that goes from 23 to 24), movie.

Source: La Verdad


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