Northern Ireland TV commercials that will take you back to the ’90s and ’80s


Northern Ireland currently claims to be the place for TV, film and entertainment.

And while Hollywood movies and their stars shine a spotlight on our small country all over the world, we can’t forget the cult TV ads that stand in our way.

It’s fair to say that Northern Ireland has seen some unique commercials over the years – remember the Milk Cult Board commercial ad or when W5 was the hottest new venue?

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Let me refresh your memory in case you need to add a little more nostalgia.

We’ve done research and picked seven lists from the early ’90s to the mid-2000s that are sure to take you on a journey of memory.

1. Belfast Odyssey 2001

Since its opening in December 2000, this ad marks the expansion that followed in 2001 to include the first Hard Rock Café, which later closed, W5 and IMAX Cinema. It’s safe to say that SSE doesn’t look what it did in 2022 after its transformation.

2. George Best Cookstown Sausage ad

Cookstown is one of Northern Ireland’s best-loved brands after the popular TV series starring George Best, which announced the company in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when she was at the height of her footballing career at Manchester United. He told viewers that Cookstown Bangers are “the best sausage in the family.”

3 – Combating terrorism in Northern Ireland in 1988

The movie “The Future” was released in 1988 after the government decided to go to war during the most violent and turbulent years. She started running public service ads in the late 1980s, to promote a secret phone line. They are designed to influence thinking by delivering a government message directly to people’s homes. Penny Fenwick — who played Billy Mitchell in Eastenders — was the face of this commercial.

4. The Dairy Council 1994 Northern Ireland Milk Declaration

The 1994 pool announcement would certainly require quite a few. Ordinary milk ads can’t be said, but it worked, really remember.

5. An advertisement for the Grand Opera House 1990

Celebrities from the stage, such as Sir Kenneth Branna before the success of “Belfast”, this 1990s Grand Opera House ad invites theatergoers to “be there”. The theater has faced many obstacles in its 125-year history and was badly damaged in the 1990s after two car bombs exploded on Glengill Street.

6. Belfast Declaration 1991

We say all about the city, this spot at Tell Me Ma by Sham Rock will pique your interest for a while. Advertising sees people in every aspect of the city, from sports and art to shopping. Yes, he was smiling, but this is 1991’s nostalgic culmination.

7. Belfast, you better believe that ad

Given the music and style, it’s very easy to guess what decade this ad was created in. Vogue in Belfast in the ’90s, this ad includes shopping, music, food and the city as a place to visit – some fashion trends may be back soon.

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Source: Belfastlive


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