Owner reduces hospital parking fee by converting property driveway into parking area


The lessor offers 5 5 paid parking per day on his property

The owner turned the road home into a parking lot to help drivers pay lower taxes from a nearby hospital.

Achilles Ahmed, 33, spent about 20,000,000 outside his home across from Heartland Hospital in Brothersley Green, Birmingham, turning it into a car park for up to 20 cars. For JPY 5, the driver can stay all day, and for less than 10.20 half paid for the 24-hour hospital stay. Users are encouraged to deposit cash in the mailbox.

The Mirror reported the idea crossed his mind when a hospital driver asked him if he could park his car at the intersection of Allston Road and Bordesley Green East, and gave him 5 5 “for his misfortune”.

There are also CCTV cameras on site. Akl, who runs the property, says work has been light so far. However, he said his main clients are nurses and some of his colleagues shared the cost of the place, so it cost them 2.50 per day.

Akil, who grew up in the house, said: ‘A man came here while I was cleaning the garden and asked if he could stop – it was a lamp moment. I ordered the whole place, which cost £20,000. That includes excavation. Materials and labor almost took me Three weeks because I wanted to get in and out that way.

“There will be 20 areas on the move, and at the moment there are 18. This work is in progress. The first few months have been quiet, but in the last six weeks it has been resolved. These are mainly users, patients and hospital staff. I had some nurses in the park.

In particular, nurses cannot obtain a permit to stand (in the hospital). 5 pounds is nothing here. And it’s safe, when a car comes, I know. I ride four or five cars a day. Some days I don’t take anything. I can’t take anything on the weekends. If all 20 fences were filled up, it would be 100 yen per day, but for now, it’s all over.

“I also offer nurses to share an ear with another colleague, so 50 2.50 a day – cheap as chips. I’m on JustPark and the lady left the car here for a month for 58. OK. Airport.

“Anyone who’s approached me says it’s great. On the two-lane road in front of the hospital, it’s comfortable and I use the land. I think it’s worth it. I’m making the area more beautiful. It was overrated, I called the council and it was deemed positive.”

The father of three also has a Japanese yen offer to pick up and hire school drivers on weekdays. Neither parent has used the school’s 2 2 show yet, he said.

Bordersley Green has signs in front of several eastbound roads to warn drivers not to. However, drivers threw cars onto sidewalks and even into small driveways to avoid paying hospital parking fees.

In 2018, West Midland Police announced that officers in Purdue had been fined 400,000. Parking at Heartlands Hospital is free for the first 30 minutes. So £3.10 for two hours, £5.10 for four hours, £7.20 for six hours and £10.20 for 24 hours. Various discounts are available on different tickets, and people who receive income-related government benefits can qualify for free parking.

About 20,000 NHS staff this week from the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust – which operates the Heartlands – showed up to pay parking fees again after the government announced a ban on taxes introduced during the pandemic. Three NHS institutions in the black country ignored advice and did not pay workers for parking. Birmingham’s NHS Trust University Hospitals said its staff will have to pay by May.

Source: Belfastlive


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