Shanghai separates positive minors with covid-19 from their parents to stop contamination


Positive cases are transferred to quarantine centers, where even minors are separated from their parents. 26 million residents are incarcerated due to the increase in covid-19 cases; yesterday, more than 13,000 cases were registered.

Shanghai has tightened measures against the pandemic following the surge in positives in Covid-19. The infected are transferred to rudimentary quarantine centers. Chinese health policy does not discriminate between ages; until minors that test positive are separated from their parents to admit them to these centers and avoid possible contamination. Both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases coexist; experts believe that such a strategy is ineffective.

The entire city has gone into lockdown after being previously applied in the western part of the city. This is the largest outbreak of infections recorded in Shanghai, recorded yesterday 13,086 positive After making more than 25.7 million tests A significant number as they are almost all residents of the city, which has some 26 million.

The Chinese city is struggling with the outbreak that started a week ago. On Thursday, 5,500 positives were reported; on Friday 6300; on Monday 8500.

Source: EITB


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