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Platform owner Kate Grant

The Northern Irish model with Down syndrome will perform at London Fashion Week.

Kate Grant will travel from Cookstown to Co Tyrone for the Diversity Model Show on Thursday, September 16th.

He made a flight at 3 in the morning with his mother Deidre, who was ready to leave the podium that evening.

The 22-year-old isn’t really a beginner I walked into the designer Chanel Joan Alkiam before the epidemic.

But the excitement of Fashion Week never fades.

Speaking on Belfast Live on the day of the show, Kate said: “I’m overwhelmed and shocked too. I’m excited, I’m swimming: this is my dream come true.”

“I am very fortunate to have my wonderful boss, my mom – she does it so well for me.”

Katie first made headlines in 2019 when she became the brand ambassador for beauty giant Benefit.

The following month, she starred in her first London Fashion Week.

Kate gained popularity when she participated in the Benefit Wing Women’s Marketing Campaign, Liquid Eye Liner

Since then, Kate’s career has been unstoppable: from handing out awards to appearing in commercials and magazine covers.

Besides the world of fashion and beauty, she was an ambassador for the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics and spoke at the United Nations in Geneva.

Speaking to her daughter’s second LFW, Deider’s mother said, “We’re thrilled to be back where she loves to be on the podium.”

Despite her ever-growing profile, Kate’s ultimate goal remains a campaign to raise awareness and engage people with disabilities.

He said, “I am honored to be representing various models here. I was very excited to meet the other models.

“Fashion should be for people with all abilities and disabilities, regardless of shape and size.

“Different is beautiful, no less.”

Katie will be on the show tonight, before celebrating her 23rd birthday on Friday 17th September.

It will definitely be an unforgettable birthday.

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Source: Belfastlive


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