Easy access to citizenship? Yes but …


… No, thank you! For as much as we have to thank the mayor of Vienna for starting a real, factual political discussion after a long dry spell, the idea of ​​easier access to citizenship clearly pursues selfish rather than logical goals. After all, there would be a lot of potential new voters…

The mayor already has a point when he talks about the importance of participating in our political discourse. But that this lofty wish leads to the conclusion that the bar for citizenship should be lowered is not correct. It is a great asset and should not be given away lightly!

More Austrian low-paid workers
The fact that Mayor Ludwig is particularly concerned about the fact that 90 percent of the cleaning and unskilled workers do not have Austrian citizenship makes people sit up and take notice. Shouldn’t Austria be more concerned with attracting well-trained professionals than throwing citizenship at people in low-paid jobs? But perhaps the proposal follows a very different logic.

1.4 million without voting rights – a villain who thinks evil
Namely that every new citizenship also means a potentially new vote. The parties’ dilemma: In Austria more and more people live without the right to vote. A villain who could see a connection to Ludwig’s advance. But more potential voters would mean more potential votes!

Halloween rampage, but still easier citizenship
The timing of the discussion is also very inconvenient. While the shock and outcry over the riots on Halloween night in Linz, in which especially young people of nationalities other than Austrians have not ebbed away and are demanding stricter deportation laws, the initiative is subtly insensitive. Was that the red communications consultant sleeping? There is no other way to explain it.

Thanks Ludwig for the impetus!
But the discourse has one more good thing. With the polarizing subject, Ludwig has finally managed to get us talking about concrete factual politics and forget about chats, layoffs and disgusting corruption for a while. It is healing to deal with a factual subject again. Therefore, let’s talk about it! Because the next chat will come for sure.

Source: Krone


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