Today on TV and the Internet – before the elections in Tyrol: big showdown in the “Krone” studio


The countdown to Sunday’s Tyrolean state elections has begun! The top candidates of the six parties represented in the state parliament will be guests in the big elephant round “Krone” today, Wednesday. Hot topics: What do the parties think about inflation, the energy crisis, work and climate protection? In the evenings on and

The “Krone” speaks clearly: four days before the state elections in Tyrol, the top candidates from the six largest campaign parties, who are already represented in the state parliament, meet in a large discussion round. Today, Wednesday at 8:15 p.m., the major issues that have shaped the election debate will be discussed. On and you can follow how party leaders position themselves just before the elections and try again to win the favor of the voters.

“Hot issues” such as housing, asylum, transit
Editor-in-chief Claus Meinert and Puls24 presenter Gundula Geiginger welcome the following top candidates to the podium: Anton Mattle (ÖVP), Gebi Mair (Greens), Markus Abwerzger (FPÖ), Georg Dornauer (SPÖ), Dominik Oberhofer (Neos) and Andrea Haselwanter- Schneider (Fritz list).

Plain text should be discussed on topics from affordable housing or the climate crisis to asylum policy and transit.

fight against the crisis
The top candidates will also not be able to escape the issue of inflation, which has kept Tyroleans tense since the start of the war in Ukraine and the accompanying sanctions against Russia. With an inflation rate of 9.3 percent in August this year, inflation reached its highest level since 1974. Gas and electricity prices will have to be discussed.

How to ensure that the Tyroleans have warm apartments in winter and still be able to pay for their groceries – the six invited top candidates also answer questions from the moderator duo.

Who works with whom?
And finally, there is also the question: who will form a coalition with whom after the elections? A continuation of the black-green coalition is unlikely, according to current polls. Will the SPÖ celebrate a coalition comeback? And could there be a three-party coalition for the first time in Tyrol? You can hear the opinions of the top candidates on Wednesday from 8:15 pm on and

The editor-in-chief of “Krone” Klaus Herrmann and pollster Christoph Haselmayer (IFDD) then analyze the debate.

Source: Krone


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