Elephant Round “Krone” – “Mattle does not play in the Champions League!”


A few days before the Tyrolean state elections, it was a heated exchange of blows: “Krone” editor-in-chief Klaus Herrmann and political experts analyzed the elephant round of the top candidates. They saw a “defending champion” under heavy pressure.

“Everyone has marked out their positions, shown clear differences from the competitors, entertaining and speaking clearly”, editor Klaus Hermann of “Krone” summed up in the analysis after the elephant round.

Tiwag as “a log and bone”
How did VP boss Anton Mattle hold up? “You could tell by his facial expression, he wasn’t feeling well during the electricity question-and-answer session,” Katia Wagner analyzed. He didn’t bring any “ice anecdotes” this time. He had underperformed, was more defensive, Wagner analyzed. The Tiwag is a “block and stone”: “If what FPÖ leader Markus Abwerzger says is true, it could be the bomb for election Sunday,” analysts agreed.

The question is how well the ÖVP can explain that. If the blacks lose more than 10 percent and try to sell that as a success, it can’t be that way. “This will have consequences in Tyrol and also at the federal level,” Herrmann said.

“If it’s 32 percent, Mattle stays,” said IFDD boss Christoph Haselmayer. The respective voters were addressed, least by Mattle: “He plays in the regional league and not in the Champions League.”

Elephant round – the lightning analysis

  • Georg Dornauer, SPÖ: The teacher shares

    The SPÖ boss teaches on the one hand (as soon as he raises his voice, he also raises his arm and bends his thumb and index finger) and hands out to everyone. He scores with polished rhetoric.

  • Andrea Haselwanter-Schneider, List Fritz: What everyone can do

    She seems knowledgeable to the outside observer, but rather colorless. With her – according to the impression of the “Krone” group – probably everyone could rule well.

  • Gebi Mair, Greens: The Defender of the Government

    It is not easy for him: he has only recently become head of the Greens, but he gets his fat from everyone else for the black-green government cooperation. Mair, however, seems to be coping well.

  • Anton Mattle, ÖVP: The Untitled Defending Champion

    He is currently not envied for this role: he has to defend the governor’s chairman for the ÖVP, which he does not yet have. A highly uncomfortable situation that he only masters in stages.

  • Markus Abwerzger, FPÖ: Kickl’s Tyrolean Face

    A Blauer doesn’t have to perform like Herbert Kickl – he can also score like Markus Abwerzger without making any attempt to eat his competitors and the moderators at the same time.

  • Dominik Oberhofer, Neos: The Pink Attacker

    An enthusiastic discussant: the NEOS top candidate bravely throws himself into the elephant battle. He manages to score again and again – but sometimes he misses the target.

Source: Krone


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