Hofburg Election – This is Heinz Fischer .’s Biggest Birthday Wish


Former Federal President Heinz Fischer expressed his support for presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen in a video message on Thursday, while also making his birthday wish known to voters.

Everyone must decide for themselves in the presidential election on October 9 Fisher.

“But if I can give some advice and express an opinion, it would be good for our country if there is another six years of continuity through Van der Bellen.”

He was “very interested in the outcome of this election,” the former president revealed in the video posted to Van der Bellen’s campaign Twitter page. “And I also have a clear opinion about this election, which is that the Federal President, who has been in office for the six years behind us, ie Dr. Van der Bellen, took on this task and completed it very well.”

“Experienced and proven Federal President”
They felt “safe with this Federal President and he has gained experience, which is very important”. Therefore, the opportunity “to seize an experienced, tried-and-true Federal President is an opportunity that must also be seized,” the former head of state said. In addition, his birthday is October 9, Fischer said, announcing, “I have a wish for my birthday and you could help me make it come true. Thanks.”

Source: Krone


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