Intervention by Elkarrekin Podemos-IU in the general policy debate on September 22, 2022


Miren Gorrotxategi has defended what is public in education, health or energy as the only way to “dignify people’s living conditions, guarantee citizens’ rights and guarantee a more egalitarian, fairer and more related Euskadi”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Elkarrekin Podemos-IU herri-itunetara zabalik, betiere arlo publikoaren defentsa badute oinarrian

The spokesman of the Basque Parliament of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, look at Gorrotxategibegan his speech by focusing on the land pacts who called on the Lehendakari in his opening speech during the debate on general politics being held today in the Basque Parliament, to point out the must “put the contents of these agreements before the format itself”.

The country pacts should, according to Gorrotxategi, serve to “dignify people’s living conditions, guarantee the rights of citizenship and be the guarantee of a more egalitarian, fairer and more cohesive Euskadi”, something that their understanding is achieved with “the defense, improvement and enhancement of public“.

“The audience – he emphasized – is what gives us equal conditions, regardless of the family you come from, whether you were born here or in Senegal, whether you work in an office, on a lathe or in a supermarket, regardless of the checkout. Nervión bank where you live. The public treats the housekeeper the same as the supervisor.”

Education and health

In the same sense, he also talks about education and the educational pact approved by a large parliamentary majority, including the party it represents. Indeed, he regrets that “since April of last year, the Ministry of Education has suffered numerous breaches, all aimed at: strengthening the private sector on the one hand; and on the other, weakening the public network, affecting the current education system and therefore the situation of the Basque public school”.

“For him repeated breach of agreement“I want to be clear and precise,” said Gorrotxategi, “we will always guarantee and promote public schools so that this is really the backbone of our education system. Otherwise, we will not be able to give our support to the new education lawhe noted.

about health and Public Health Act, “expected to be approved during this course”, Gorrotxategi lamented the “disturbing precedents”, such as “the minister’s statements when she spoke about ‘cultural change’, the dismantling of primary care”, among others. And he wondered if that is the health model “adapted to the 21st century” that they are talking about and whether the “cultural change” in the health of Basque men and women lies in these elements. “Because it is, there’s no way we’re dealing with any of those ‘country pacts’. There can be no ‘national pact’ on health with the aim of privatizing Osakidetza, outsourcing services or promoting private insurance. The law to come should strengthen public services, especially primary care, and make the working conditions of its employees dignified,” he emphasized.

Energy, economy and self-government

In terms of energy, Gorrotxategi has pointed out that, if we try to country energy pactit must have two struts: “The social justice (the energy transition must not be based on increasing the bill at the expense of the profits of the oligopoly) and the fight against climate emergency. As far as the food prices In this regard, he criticized the fact that the Basque government intends “to frighten our farmers and baserritarras and to set the consumer against the producer when it is a proven and proven fact that the difference between the prices of origin and destination is mainly due to speculation. And who can speculate with food? Obviously who has more power in the food chain: the big distributors and commercial surfaces”.

About him self-government, Gorrotxategi has emphasized that the country’s pact is par excellence “the framework from which we carry out our policies” and that it is “the possibility of protecting public services and the fundamental rights of all Basque citizens”. “Therefore, country agreements? Before. But as long as they have as their starting point the defense and strengthening of public services. Because the public maintains the well-being in the Basque Country, it is the public that makes a cohesive society equal and fair, giving citizens the same opportunities , and of course what prevents our rights and needs from being handed over to oligopolies, multinationals and vulture funds of all kinds. the public flag and the ikurriña have the same color”has been taken care of.

For his part, the parliamentarian of IU Inigo Martinez He has defended that equality and a fair distribution of wealth “are the foundations of the common cause, of the Euskal Hiria”. Likewise, after denouncing that the Basque government is “softened by the tears of the powerful”, he has criticized that it is “to the advantage of the company” when wages “cannot be devalued by a single cent more”. He has also defended measures against an “exhausted” Osakidetza, a “powerful” RGI and “fairer” taxation.

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Source: EITB


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