Filzmaier analyzes – The Tyrolean election as a lottery: anything is possible!


The Tyrolean national anthem – Andreas Hofer’s famous song from 1831 – speaks of the “Holy Land”. Tyrol is also historically known for the Catholic missionary work of the Jesuits and the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Who else but the more or less Christian People’s Party should have a clear political majority? But that’s history, a maximum of six parties could make it to the state parliament.

1. There was once. After the Second World War, the ÖVP in Tyrol almost always had an absolute majority of around 50 percent or more votes. Or there was even a two-thirds majority, like the last time in 1984. You used to have to settle for less, but the superior first place was always undisputed. In the last elections in 2018, 44 percent of the vote was enough for a whopping 27 percentage points ahead of the second-placed SPÖ.

Source: Krone


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