Side-swipe of your choice – “declined”: Sachslehner berates the Greens again


She just can’t help it: ex-ÖVP Secretary General Laura Sachslehner has apparently found her ultimate favorite enemy in the Greens. And this despite the fact that the People’s Party forms a coalition with the Eco Party at the federal level. Your last dig with the Greens came right after the elections in Tyrol. “Anyone who so distantly ignores the needs of the people should not be surprised to be kicked out of state governments,” the 28-year-old wrote on Twitter.

“Even the Greens should finally address the real challenges in this country instead of constantly downplaying the real problems,” Sachslehner added in her tweet.

Those who live in glass houses…
Sachslehner should have remembered the saying, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Because the party with the biggest minus (9.6%) on the Tyrolean election night was their own party. With her edgy character, Sachslehner is a bit reminiscent of the late governor of Carinthia and ex-FPÖ leader Jörg Haider. He was also one who repeatedly rebuked his own coalition in the federal government (then black and blue) with lighthearted statements.

Sachslehner’s resignation on September 10 in the video

Sachslehner vs. Green: that’s behind it
Sachslehner and the Greens – as is well known, this has a long history. The former secretary general of the People’s Party had heeded the Tyrolean People’s Party’s original demand to change the law on the climate bonus as soon as possible so that asylum seekers no longer receive the benefits. After Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (both Greens) rejected it, they followed suit moments later and saw “a red line crossed for the People’s Party”.

Green club boss Sigrid Maurer reacted harshly and puzzled over whether Sachslehner questioned the coalition. As a result, ÖVP club boss August Wöginger had to move. “The ÖVP has always been loyal to the pact and will remain so in this case,” he said. “The current arrangement was agreed last summer and will remain so.”

Sachslehner now only municipal councilor in Vienna
Sachslehner eventually resigned as general secretary of the ÖVP on September 10. She can no longer support the current course of the ÖVP on asylum issues, she justified the move. However, she is still a member of the Vienna City Council ÖVP. It remains to be seen whether the federal party will tolerate its constant pecking at the Greens for much longer.

Source: Krone


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