ÖVP counterattack – Defensive battle around Sobotka and Kurz-Freundin


The ÖVP does not want to accept the allegations made this week about Wolfgang Sobotka, chairman of the National Council – the party now wants to prove otherwise. According to the accountants at the Alois Mock Institute, there was no announcement of a tax audit. Meanwhile, the bickering over the alleged salary increase of Kurz’ girlfriend Susanne Thier moves to the next round.

The 454 pages of Schmid’s confession of life sparked an avalanche of accusations. In the case of Sobotka, the ÖVP now shows the opposite. In his confession, Schmid states that Sobotka conducted a tax audit for the Alois Mock Institute through the Treasury Department between 2014 and 2015.

Economic trustee must Sobotka . relieve
The VP Secretary General Christian Stocker now submits confirmation from the tax adviser at the Alois Mock Institute that no tax audits were announced in 2014 and 2015. “It was not until 2020 that a written request for information was received. Two examiners examined different documents. There were no objections,” writes the Wirtschaftstreuhänderkanzlei (letter is available for “Krone”).

Stocker criticizes prejudice
Stocker also wants to submit a confirmation from the tax authorities soon. “Once the allegations are fully cleared up, I would like to know if all those who are now discrediting Sobotka will also apologize,” Stocker said.

Stocker also finds it problematic that from ongoing investigations “accusations that are perceived as truth by a suspect and that a judgment is immediately passed.” This creates an “imbalance”. For Stocker, the question arises, “Is this the rule of law we want?”

But a raise for Kurz-Freundin?
A similar bickering arose over Susanne Thier’s salary increase. The Treasury says there was no short-term bonus for his partner in 2016. The SPÖ states that this is a deliberate false report. In 2018 there was indeed a salary increase.

Here the ministry replies that Thier has taken over a parental leave replacement and has therefore received a salary increase. According to Kurz, the net amount is about 68 euros per month.

Source: Krone


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