37% of Melenchon’s supporters would vote blank and 33% in favor of Macron in the second round


The militants of France’s Insumisa party have held internal consultations showing that the blank vote, the vote for Macron and the abstention seven days before the election are very even.

macron one of both Le Penthe new French president will be decided on the April 24 election date Yesterday dozens of demonstrations They protested across the French state against the far right, but reports against Le Pen were mixed with criticism of Macron, whose support has yet to be determined.

In recent days, the voting slogans of the left-wing parties have been clarified. Yesterday, huh ba announced that he will not directly ask the militants for vote for macron Of course, interviewed in Euskadi Irratia, Nicolas Blain asked “not to give any voice to the far right”.

Today the intentions of the militants of the left party led by Jean-Luc Melenchon have become known, Not Submissive France From Wednesday to yesterday, voters could choose different options for the second round and according to the results, the blank vote, the vote for Macron and the abstention are very even.

215,292 people voted these days: 37.65% bet on blank votes, 33.40% on votes for Macron and 28.96% on abstention.

Melenchón’s match was the third in the first round held on April 10 in France with 20% votes. In iparralde it was the second force with 24%.

Source: EITB


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