Deduction measure – Electricity price brake: More money for larger households


The special session of the National Council on Wednesday will not only discuss the SPÖ’s anti-inflation wishes, but also decide on a concrete measure from the coalition: a brake on electricity costs for larger households with more than three people.

According to the Ministry of Finance, an additional 105 euros is deducted from the electricity bill for every additional head. The project is discussed and approved at the beginning of the meeting at 10:00 am.

The refund should be automatic
According to the Ministry, the deduction should largely work automatically, namely with the next annual statement. In total, there are about 700,000 addresses where more than three people are registered as their main residence. More than half of them could be enrolled automatically and thus received the supplementary grant without an application.

For those addresses where this is not possible or where there is more than one metering point with offtake, an application model must follow. Applicants must be informed that they must submit an application.

Source: Krone


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