Brother (5) drowned – ‘I will never be happy again in my life’


In 2017, a five-year-old drowned in a swimming pool in Kitzbühel. After the recent conviction of the former swimming teacher, the civil proceedings now concern compensation for death. The sister and parents poignantly described the days and years that followed.

Legally it was a last difficult step after almost six years, emotionally the tragedy will probably never be overcome: Parents and siblings of the five-year-old who drowned in a swimming course in Kitzbühel in 2017 now had to describe their living situation after the drama. This is part of the civil law process.

30,000 euros bereavement allowance
As reported, the swimming instructor was only convicted of grossly negligent manslaughter on Friday, he had not looked enough for a few minutes. The three close relatives now each want 30,000 euros in mourning compensation from him. “I understand that all this is difficult for you. But their statements form the basis of the decision,” the judge opened the difficult hour at the regional court.

The sister (aged 13 at the time of the accident) explained how she could talk to her brother ‘about everything’ despite the age difference. And as she once said to her mother after the tragedy, “I will never be happy again in my life.”

Mother wanted to help with CPR
At the time, the mother had to experience the terrible event up close: when she wanted to pick up her son in the bathroom, there was no happy group of children in the dressing room. But a crowd of people at the edge of the pool, around a small body. “Then I saw my son’s turquoise swimsuit and I just cried out.” As a nurse, she wanted to help with the CPR, but the other first responders stopped her.

She still has trouble sleeping through and the worst part was coming home from the clinic. “My son’s scooter was parked in front of the house. And within what he last built of Lego. We have preserved that to this day.” Seriously ever since: “Since then I lacked the basic confidence in life. When the daughter is gone, I get very anxious.”

The father also described the difficult daily life: “The ringing of a mobile phone often causes a stab in the heart. Something could have happened.” Birthdays or Christmas are celebrated “as normally as possible”, but that is not always possible. It’s just a secondary piece in the puzzle of this drama.

Source: Krone


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