Large-scale operation in Vienna – fire alarm went off in the Kaisermühlentunnel


A blockade of the Kaisermühlentunnel caused a major traffic jam in Vienna on Wednesday morning. A fire detector in the tunnel activated the alarm, which activated the lock due to the applicable safety regulations. The cause of the alarm was quickly found by the Viennese professional fire brigade.

A witness reported in the morning that numerous emergency services were on their way to the Kaisermühlentunnel. Because the fire brigade was also deployed, there was soon fear of a fire in the tunnel. In any case, motorists could not get any further, the tunnel was closed in both directions for safety reasons and traffic was diverted. But what was the reason for the ban?

“Fire alarm has gone off”
The Viennese fire brigade confirmed to in the morning that it had been used in the tunnel. “A fire alarm went off, so according to safety regulations the tunnel must be closed immediately,” said spokesperson Jürgen Figerl.
Fortunately, an inspection revealed that there was no fire in the tunnel. “The fire alarm apparently went off due to the formation of dust in the tunnel, so it was a miscarriage. Fortunately, there was no fire, so the tunnel can be released again,” explains Figerl.

Due to the closure, traffic jams arose in both directions of travel on the A22. However, this slowly resolved after release.

Source: Krone


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