The Central Elections Office extends the deadline for postal voting until July 20


Until now there was a deadline until the 13th of that month, but it has been decided to give voters another seven days at the request of the Post. In addition, municipalities may raffle the tables from June 22, two days before what was initially set.

The Central Electoral Committee (JEC) has decided to follow up on the request of the chairman of the Staatspost- en Telegraafbedrijf to extend the term Unpleasant vote by mail at the next general election on 23J. You can vote up to and including July 20seven days more than originally planned.

This was announced today in a statement by the electoral entity that analyzed Correos’ report. The term for depositing the vote can be executed during the usual opening hours of the post offices. The JEC also indicates that Correos must “exercise utmost diligence to ensure that the envelopes containing the ballot can be delivered to the respective polling stations on the day of the vote, within the deadlines set by law.”

In addition, it has been agreed that the date on which the town halls can perform lottery to allocate the positions on the electoral tables to the citizens for the next 23J so that it is done between 22 and 28 June.

The coincidence of the electoral march with many people’s holiday season suggests an increase in requests to vote by mail, for which Mail announced that will hire more than 12,000 employees to guarantee this right.

Source: EITB


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