A batzoki from Bilbao appears with “Txapote wins” graffiti


The attack took place at the Sabindarrak batzoki in Bilbao’s San Inazio district, where celebrations take place. The PNV has indicated that it concerns behavior that is reminiscent of “times gone by”.

A batzoki from Bilbao appeared this Tuesday morning with graffiti of “Txapote Wins” (“Txapote Wins”) and call the PNV “Spanish”. The jeltzales have affirmed that it is “new times”, but they are “the same behavior” from before, and have assured that they will remain “steadfast on the path of respect and coexistence”.

The attack took place in the batzoki Sabindarrak from the San Inazio district of Bilbao, which can be found at parties. Numerous offensive graffiti have been applied to the facade of the PNV headquarters. One read “Txapote”, referring to imprisoned former ETA leader Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, and others uttered insults against the jeltzales.

Bizkaia’s PNV has stated through social networks that the San Inazio festivities have been “the perfect excuse to put aside fun and devote ourselves to attitudes that remind us of past times“. “New times, same behaviour. Certainly, there are people who still have a long way to go,” he assured.

In any case, he has warned that the jeltzale formation “will stay firmly on the path I respect and the living together“Others and others will have to decide which side they are on,” he concluded.

Source: EITB


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