“Declaration of Bankruptcy” – Missed climate targets: NEOS now attack the Greens


The fact that Austria, from today’s perspective and with current measures, will miss the EU’s 2030 climate targets, as Minister of the Environment Leonore Gewessler (Greens) discussed in July, is now drawing renewed criticism from NEOS. When the minister responded to a question, Yannick Shetty, NEOS spokesperson for youth and sustainable development, spoke of a “declaration of bankruptcy of the green climate policy”.

In his answer, Gewessler refers to the calculations of the Federal Environment Agency, according to which the target of a 48 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2005 would be missed by at least 13 percent.

The Minister of the Environment has therefore launched a public consultation on the National Energy and Climate Plan (NEKP). The aim is to receive further corresponding proposals for solutions.

NEOS are hard on Gewessler
The NEOS are not satisfied with that. “Because of the federal government’s unambitious climate policy, Austria is one of the climate protection backlights in Europe,” Shetty criticized in writing to the APA: “While Gewessler celebrates the achievement of the 2022 target, billions in fines are owed to the Austrians due to the massive inability to also meet target taxpayers.”

“Declaration of Bankruptcy”
Shetty found a “declaration of bankruptcy” from the federal government, in particular from the Greens, who have “given up their decency at the wardrobe of power to push Austria forward on climate and environmental protection.” And: “The fact that the Greens are failing even on their own issue is a bitter disappointment – especially for the many young people whose futures are at stake.”

The Greens must finally shift up a gear, assert themselves against the blockers and gain ground against rampant sealing, the climate protection law or the renewable heat law, Shetty said. Instead of leading “nonsensical debates” about cash in the constitution, the federal government would rather enshrine a carbon brake in the constitution.

Source: Krone


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